July Training Reflections

Well this post is out a lot later than expected! But I can finally now reflect on the month of July, how training went, and what else I can work on. I honestly cannot believe that it is already August, Fall is quickly approaching! Ahhh!

Anyway lets talk about them highs first!

1. Vacation!!

I had the best time at the beach! It was so good to finally just relax and not really think about anything (minus school work). I splurged a little, spent a lot of time at the beach, and still got my runs in. With that being said, did my runs feel a lot more awful? Yes, of course! Do I regret it? Nope! Once a year I get to go on vacation with my WHOLE family (there’s a lot of us) and I wanted to enjoy the things that I enjoy at the beach! Just shows you how eating crappy all the time can affect your runs, but every once and awhile doesn’t! I’ll stick with every once in awhile 😉


2. Official Marathon Training/Higher Mileage

Now that official marathon marathon training started on July 24th, the mileage will soon be creeping up a little more each week. This is definitely a high note because I made it through base building feeling strong and ready to get the 16 week training plan started. Workouts will start getting longer!


3. I’m STILL Injury Free!

This is definitely a good one because I’m the person who is always injured haha. But I’m training smarter thanks to my lovely coach, so fingers crossed that injuries still stay away! I built my base for 2 months and slowly increased mileage during that time and it has made all the difference! I believe that building your base before “official” training is so important. Prevents overuse injuries and makes you stronger! There were multiple times when I just wanted the higher mileage sooner and I’m so thankful that my coach had me take my time to prepare my body for marathon training!


Oh and the lows of the month

1. The Awful Humidity

I’m not a summer person, I hate the heat, I hate running in the humidity! Bleh! For most of July it was getting worse and worse. The runs were becoming unbearable, especially the tempos. The weather was had a cycle in July. It was somewhat humid in the beginning of the week, and then got more and more humid as the week went on. By the time it was my tempo and long runs, it was just awful. You can just look at my Instagram during that time and see how much I complained 😉 I know it will only make me stronger and now that it is not as humid anymore, I can see a little bit of strength and improvement come out!!



And that’s all the lows I can think of! haha It’s a good thing!

Overall this month started out a little rough, but the last week ended pretty good! It was hard to see improvement this month until the very last week. It’s extremely hard not to compare my progress to others and I beat myself up when I don’t hit the times I need to hit. As selfish as it sounds, I need to just focus on myself and my own progress. I’ve been teaching myself to start celebrating the small victories throughout the week! Even if I don’t think I had a good run, I find something good about it and celebrate it. I think we often only celebrate the big PR’s, the big victories. There’s amazing small victories happening each week, every run, and every work out. They’ll all eventually will add up to bigger victories. Just something I’ve been thinking about, especially during the rough weather in July 🙂

Still consistently lifting, cross training, and my fun resistance band work. Doing all of those things have made all the difference in how I feel and not being injured! You might see I’m not swimming or biking as much. I will only be swimming once a week so I can have time to do all the other things marathon training needs me to do! Especially as the workouts get longer, it doesn’t leave me much swimming time! I also cut back on biking. The spinning classes were hurting my knee so I stopped going. I also don’t like to bike in the area where I live in alone, so it’s tricky to find time to do it with my husband.

So right now, I’ll be doing the elliptical and stair mill on my other cross train day. I want my legs to get that “running movement” with less impact during that day. My body likes it so far!

Thankfully school is almost over but it’ll definitely make training interesting as I study for boards and start (hopefully) an official job.

I think that’s enough for now 😉 Just thought it would be important to update you guys on what I’m doing to train and how I switch things up!

Total July Running Miles: 131 !!

Happy Training!!



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