June Training Reflections

How is June already over?!?! Time flies!!

This month was more than I could ask for training wise. I can see the progress and it just fires my passion for running even more! I’m on vacation right now and it’s so nice to be able to reflect on this past month.

Like I asked, it was quiet! 😉 But I had a lot of fun. I’m embracing the uncomfortable of summer runs and it’s paying off!

Here are the highs of the month! (no specific order)

1. Fast Speed Work

I’m still utilizing the track for my speed work days and I’m definitely getting faster! It’s just so encouraging to see. Especially on days where I feel blah, I look back and compare where I was a couple of months ago and there is a huge change! Here are my fastest to date…

200 meters: 0:48

400 meters: 1:38

800 meters: 3:26

1200 meters: 5:20

We’ll see where I am next month!


(A LOT of hot speed work this month 😉 )


2. A new course PR at the Philly Sprint Tri!

I had a BLAST! It was so much fun to do it with my husband! Race recap to come! The best part was I kept the 3.1 miles at the end @ 8:00min/mi and that was after I pounded my legs on the bike. I even had fun on the bike leg of the race! It might definitely be a yearly adventure now!


3. All my runs are still outside

No matter the weather (unless there is lightening and thunder), I’m doing my runs all outside! This was one of my goals back in May. I kept with it this month and I don’t regret it at all. I’m embracing the summer heat and humidity! It’s only going to pay off in the end 🙂



Some miscellaneous: Lots of cross training, weight lifting and resistance band work was still put in!


And only one low!

1. The stomach bug linger..

The last of the bug hung around until the beginning of June and I wasn’t able to do my long run the first Saturday of the month. Thankfully it was only the beginning of June and only one week of base training. My body is much happier now!


(All I could do that long run day)

Monthly Totals:

Running: 96.1 miles

Swimming: 8.37 miles

Cycling: 39.42 (not including spin class miles)

Some goals for this month I would like to add..

Plank a couple times a week. I would like to work more on core. Continue resistance band exercises, cross training, and weight lifting. Recover more with leg rolling and some more ice baths!

Also, working on that mental block. It’s worse during my tempos. It’s definitely something I want to work on and push through!

So there you have it!! June was pretty awesome. No more races until September! “Official” marathon training starts in 3 weeks. Right now I’m still building my base and enjoying the lower mileage, but I’m still putting in some work. Really excited to see what July will hold! August will be here before we know it!

Happy Training!



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