Winter Training Cycle Reflections

How is it the end of April already? This winter seriously just flew by. I was busy figuring out training, dealing with injuries, and swamped with school. I’ve had time to reflect during taper and I wanted to specifically write a blog post reflecting on this past training season after my marathon in November.

I finally ran a full marathon in November, but it left me with an achilles injury and a medial meniscus knee injury. I’m definitely a rookie runner and I’m trying to learn how to train smarter. I am always learning! Back in December, when I thought my injuries would heal quickly, I decided to sign up for the Coastal Delaware Marathon April 23.


I was super excited to hopefully get a new marathon PR, but with the injuries I sustained, I knew that dream wasn’t going to happen just yet. Reluctantly I switched my registration to the half marathon instead.

I was finally able to run consistently in February, but still had to deal with knee pain (if any of you have had a knee injury, you know how long healing takes!) It’s funny, you don’t realize how much you love running until you can’t do it! Running seriously keeps me sane ūüėČ



Weather was crazy this winter, but I was able to try new things. I picked up hiking on a couple weekends in February and it came with absolutely gorgeous views. It had me step outside my comfort zone and it was completely freeing. I also, on multiple runs, wore shorts and a tank top! Crazy! Who knew we would have such a mild winter. But hey, I’m not complaining!


In March, I explored running through South Beach Miami! It was such an awesome week, I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful place to run. I also had the courage to join #sportsbrasquad because it was so so hot! Something else I would’ve never done before.

I finally decided to get back with my running coach Kindal (@runningwithstrength¬†she’s amazing, totally recommend her!) in the middle of March. Which left me only 5 weeks to prepare for Coastal Delaware Half Marathon. I still wanted that half marathon PR. I questioned whether I could do it in 5 weeks, but I realized that crazy goals have gotten me where I am right now, so why couldn’t I do it?

During that time, I ran the Philadelphia Love Run Half Marathon. My favorite city and hometown! I ran 1:54:14. To be honest I thought I was pushing pretty hard, so I was a little disappointed with my time and made me nervous for Delaware. Could I do it? Are my dreams actually crazy? I knew I had to give it all the last couple weeks and push harder to get to my goal.


Deep down though, I am somewhat disappointed in myself. I feel like I let down my family and friends in not being able to run the full marathon. My parents are even coming out this weekend to support me, which makes me feel even worse. It’s crazy to¬†have these thoughts,¬†because I know they love me no matter what. Being able to make it to the starting line in the first place is a huge accomplishment in itself.

Being a distance runner just totally changes you and who you are. I am so passionate about running and creating new goals, that having to wait to accomplish one makes me sad. I keep telling myself though, that when I get to the point of being able to run another marathon, it will be so much sweeter and memorable. There will always be more goals and races to conquer! I worked so hard to get where I am right now, I should be nothing but proud.

Going into this race, of course I have doubts. I think I have doubts about every goal and every training run I do, but I need to be positive, I need to be strong. Honestly, it’s something I’ve always struggled with, but I won’t let it get to me. I worked too darn hard to let my doubts get to me.

The start of 2017 was rough, really rough. I learned so much about myself and how to persevere through the hard times. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ALL, for¬†sticking with me in the beginning of this year, encouraging me, and inspiring me to be the best person and runner I can be.¬†No matter what happens this Sunday, I know that it will be done with passion, courage, and strength. LET’S DO THIS!!

Happy Running!

Run Jill Run




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