Why I Took a Social Media Running Break

Yes, I’m still alive!! I took a much needed, long overdue, social media break. No Instagram, no Facebook, just Snapchat, which I used seldomly. 2016 was amazing, and I couldn’t have asked for a better year, but I had some major self-reflection time that made me question who I was on social media.

I’ve been posting on social media daily since the end of 2015, and when I obtained more followers, I posted more frequently. Instagram helped me become accountable and encouraged me to become the best runner and fitness enthusiast I could be.

2016 went out with a bang, I finally ran a full marathon in my favorite city but ended up with some overuse injuries, which are still mending. I explained my frustration in previous posts, went to PT, and continued to post daily on Instagram.

From December 7th to January 9th, I was on a break from school and clinical for my nurse practitioner degree. With the injuries that I sustained, I had a lot of extra time to self-reflect and figure out what I wanted for 2017. There are the obvious PR goals for both the half and full marathon, but also the personal goals.

Honestly, I wasn’t happy with who I was. I was angry or frustrated most of the time and I was becoming very self-involved, only caring about what was going on in my life. Instagram turned into the ‘look at me, look at me!’ page and not the inspirational page I was intending it to be. I wanted my page to encourage others that you CAN run, no matter what size, shape, or experience. To show that even I struggle to run every single time I’m supposed to. That no goal is unattainable. I wanted to post recipes that changed the way of what I thought of food and that eating tacos or french fries every once in awhile wouldn’t kill you.

When looking back on what I was posting, I wasn’t feeling what I wanted or dreamed it to be. It made me sad and upset. I was comparing myself to others, as well as goals. It was giving me satisfaction when I was faster than someone else and made me frustrated or pick myself apart when I wasn’t as fast as others. How horrible is that?! It was so wrong and it made me ashamed of myself.

I deactivated my account right after the new year. It wasn’t until I deactivated it, along with my Facebook, that I realized how much useless time I spent on social media rather than focusing on my husband, family, or friends. It made me disgusted. Then it made me think if I did reactivate it, how much would I post? What would I post? How will I change my page? I don’t know the answers, I just know I have to stay true to myself, while being conscious on how much actual time I spend on social media.

I realized I LOVED seeing friends accomplish their goals, celebrating with them, helping others reach theirs, and sharing my experiences. I didn’t want to give that up. I realized I wanted to keep posting on Instagram and continue to share my experiences.

I still wanted to wait until the end of month to reactivate my Instagram. I still wanted my first month back to school, marathon training, and life to be free of social media posting. I learned a lot this month and I could go on and on about what I learned, but I think I’ll share throughout February what I’ve done differently and how I’ve changed.

So, thank you for all who are still following my journey and was wondering where I was. Your thoughts and concerns made me want to come back. Thank you all for the support and love. I appreciate every one of you!!

Still, Happy Training,

Run Jill Run







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  1. runstrongrun says:

    Thank you for your honestly and openness. I too find it difficult not to compare my running to others I see on the various social outlets. I’m in the midst of training for a marathon and am feeling lackluster about it. Why? Not too sure, but I think it’s time to be real and say to others, “No, I do not wake up every weekend and say, ‘Yay, I get to go run 20 miles!'” Thanks again for your “real-ness”.


  2. This is why I have enjoyed watching your journey. You are so incredibly real and that in itself is what makes you so motivating. You helped motivate me to run my first half marathon this last year and I enjoy how honest you are in your posts, you make it so much more real, we all have off days and we have to embrace those just as much as we embrace the best days. Thank you for your honesty!


    1. Run Jill Run says:

      Omg you are the sweetest! Thank you so so much for your kind words! They mean a lot to me. Running has changed my life, but just like everything else, there’s the good days and bad days. I’m so glad that you’re running! Don’t ever stop ☺️


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