Marathon Recovery? What’s That?

As written in my last post, the Philadelphia Marathon was my first marathon EVER. I’ve ran 6 half marathons, countless 5K’s, 10k’s, Tough Mudders, etc. Each one I’ve been pretty ok recovering from. Never in my life did I think recovering from a marathon would be this hard. I’m no expert in recovery post races, but I thought sharing my experience could be beneficial for others.

Everyone is different. I’m definitely not the type of person that can run multiple marathons in a season or run long distance races after a marathon. I would like to think I can, but my body just isn’t ready for that (and it probably never will). I struggle enough as it is post marathon let alone training for one.

I think I don’t share enough of how much I actually struggle with running and training and just share the victories and good moments. But that’s a whole different story that I can tell some other time.

Back to marathon recovery. What is that? I had no idea until it slapped me in the face these past couple of weeks. I’m going to share each step I experienced and hope that I’m not crazy or the only one who has experienced this :).

I was stupid enough to run extremely hard at a Gobble Wobble 5k Thanksgiving morning (4 days post marathon). Why? 1. I’m competitive 2. Sometime I think I’m invincible 3. There were others that ran the marathon and were running hard at this race. STUPID so so stupid. Surprisingly, I felt ok afterward and I didn’t run until the next Monday.

Now here’s the list of things that have happened….

That Monday I had inner hip pain running, so I cut my run short. (ok, no big deal)

Tuesday, I ran a warm up lap before boot camp and started to notice I had bursitis near my Achilles (ok, that’s a bigger deal)

Friday/ Saturday, ran but my Achilles was still bothersome (alright, now I’m just annoyed)

Decided to take off most of this week but ended up pulling something in my left calf (WTF, what is wrong with me)

This past Wednesday, ran 4 WONDERFUL miles, NO pain anywhere, but towards the end, my inner knee felt a little sore (ok breathe, NBD, this happens, should feel fine by Friday)

Yesterday, ran 3 miles with some pain in my inner knee the whole time (ok, now this is getting ridiculous. I bruised it at boot camp on Tuesday….)

Today… could not run because of the bruising. (Alright, fine, Body Pump it is!)

So basically I’m falling apart at the seams (JK, that’s dramatic, but seriously). I think the most frustrating thing is that when one thing heals up, another part of me breaks down. I went too hard too quickly after my marathon and  went too hard on Tuesday boot camp’s. I still have plenty of time before my next half marathon and marathon, but I’m so focused on my goals and new PR’s that it frustrates me that I can’t start a training cycle yet. Yes, it hasn’t even been a month yet since the race and I should be thankful that I haven’t sustained injuries. I get it. I’m just super stubborn and hard on myself and I just love me a good work out.

For now, I’ve been doing spinning and body pump classes, which I love! I’m trying to focus on full body strength and figuring out how to incorporate it into a busy semester for the next training cycle. I’m determined to crush some goals in the Spring, but for that to happen, I need to listen to my body and take care of myself so I can do it.

I’m hoping after a month post marathon I can start feeling like myself again, but then again, my body has thrown me in a loop these past couple of weeks, so who knows how long it will keep it up.

Lots of icing, stretching, resistance band exercises, rolling, and eating for me! I’m trying to enjoy the process, especially now that it is the holidays (Christmas is my favorite holiday!). Patience is the key, time to keep moving forward.

Just your average girl learning to run marathons (and recover from them).


Run Jill Run ❤


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  1. runstrongrun says:

    I say take it easy, listen to your body, and do not rush back into running. Enjoy your victory… you’re a marathoner!!! 😄


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