Gettysburg 10 Miler Recap and Future Plans

Well, it has been a while, hasn’t it? Life has been crazy. I finally finished my second semester of school and I have 2 weeks off from that to relax and get some good training in! Lot’s of good things are happening and I can’t wait to share them with you 🙂

But first, let’s talk about the Gettysburg 10 miler I ran on April 24th. As you all know, I was supposed to run the full marathon that day but was unable to due to my incomplete stress fracture in my foot. My foot was well enough to run the 10 miler though! IMG_8692Gettysburg is one of my favorite historic places to go 🙂

I was worried about the race because my foot was acting up days leading up to the event. I was debating whether to even run it. I played it by ear, and I waited until the morning of to see how my foot felt.

IMG_8712My foot felt great!! I was so happy and the course was gorgeous! Small town races are my favorite because there’s not as many people and everyone is so great and welcoming!

I had an overall pace of 8:09 min/mile and I was shocked!! My goal was to finish and to beat my half marathon pace. I was not expecting to be this fast! Also, with small town races, I get to place in my age group if I’m somewhat fast 😉 1st place in my age group and I got a little cannon which hooks right on my medal board! Definitely considering making a comeback next year and do the Gettysburg marathon!IMG_8713Post race food! All went in my belly 🙂

So after that race, my foot of course felt sore, and I decided to take almost a week off from running (best decision ever) and decide what my future plans would be. I had to think ahead on the events so I could train properly and not injure myself!


Triathlon it is!!! Since my injury, I focused most my of my training on biking and swimming. A lot. My marathon doors temporarily closed and the triathlon doors opened. Last weekend, I went to a bike swap event at a local bike store and it was probably the coolest thing ever. SO many people were there and there were SO many awesome deals. I got this beauty of a bike pretty much half off retail price!! It has a carbon fiber rear and forks with an aluminum frame and shimano 105 cranks and aegis derailer. I just need to add some hot pink tape ;). June 25th is the the philly TriRock triathlon and I’ll be doing the sprint distance. 0.5 mile swim, 15 mile bike, and 3.1 mile run.

I’m nervous but excited! I’m deathly afraid to swim in open water! I’ll be driving to a local park and swim in their lake starting at the end of May to get used to swimming in yucky water. I’m also nervous about the bike and not getting in an accident haha I get my bike May 10th after it’s tuned up and gets a new chain put on. I’m thinking about doing two-a-day work outs while on my 2 week break from school to really get the biking down but also get my usual work outs in. Crazy, I know, but I’m determined to do well!!

IMG_8658I also signed up for the Philadelphia Marathon in November. It’ll be a difficult time as I’ll have clinicals for school and have a heavy workload. This has been my ultimate goal since last November and I’ll do whatever it takes to complete it!!

Now, I might sign up for an Olympic triathlon in August and another half marathon in September but I’m  waiting until more paychecks come in so I can pay for them haha These events get expensive!

Tough Mudder is May 21st and this will be my second time doing it! Not expecting much from me during it, just want to complete it and have fun 🙂

Lots of crazy things happening summer with even crazier training. I’ve expanded my endurance and athleticism and I couldn’t be happier right now. Currently it’s my night shift weekend  so I’m taking it easy but next week I’ll be taking it up a notch! IMG_8695

Shout out to this guy for being my rock through it all 🙂

Happy training!



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