Decisions and New Adventures

It’s been a little while since I’ve wrote on this blog! Last post I talked about what has been going on with my foot and the awaited MRI. It’s been a little over a month since my foot has been hurting me and even though it is still not 100%, it’s improving.

I know on my Instagram I wrote about the results of my MRI, but I’ll go into a little more detail. This whole process has been so long! I finally had my MRI on the 31st of March. It wasn’t until the Wednesday after that I found out the results. When I walked into the room, my MRI picture was already on the screen. I saw that my whole 2nd metatarsal was white (crap, not good). My doctor came in, looked through the whole MRI and stated I had an incomplete stress fracture in that 2nd metatarsal. Trying to hold back tears (I hate crying in front of people), he explained to me that I should hold off running for another week and that the marathon is a no no. He ordered some PT and a f/u X-ray in May to reevaluate my foot.

Of course as stubborn as I am, I traveled to Philly that night to see my husband and ran 6 miles the next day with no pain. I’m horrible at listening to instructions haha. I’ve been running as long as my foot doesn’t bug me. If I start to get that dull pain, I stop running. I prefer the dull pain over the sharp pain any day, but it still can be frustrating. I want it to heal correctly so I’m trying to be careful. The most I’ve ran now is 9.5 miles! Improvement.

This Sunday is the marathon that I was supposed to run. Unfortunately I will not do it, but I will be running the 10 miler instead! I’m hoping and praying that my foot behaves!! My goal is to beat my half marathon pace (8:35), which I’ve done before on practice runs. I can’t be disappointed if I don’t because of everything going on. I’m hard on myself so I know there might be some tears that day watching the other runners run the marathon 😦

As my foot heals, I’ve been biking and swimming.  I never, ever thought I would be doing this. Triathlon training is in the back of my mind! Watch out because I might sign up for a sprint triathlon soon! 🙂 I’ve been training harder, keeping my endurance up. I recently did my own mini sprint triathlon and it was pretty awesome. IMG_8625Never would I have thought I could do this! I’m starting to love the relaxation of swimming. Even though it is at 5:45 AM, its starting to become part of my favorite routine! My breathing is getting better and I’m adding more distance each week.

Being a nurse can be hard on my foot, especially when it requires to be on my feet constantly. After a long work weekend, it feels as if I start all over again because my foot just has this constant ache. I have this whole week off before the race weekend (I planned accordingly 😉 ), I’ll be staying off my feet as much as possible, icing, and stretching.

Though, there is light at the end of the tunnel. It’s been a month and I’m accomplishing new activities! Sunday will be hard for me but I’m thankful for at least being able to do this!! Gettysburg is one of my favorite places and I refuse to let my foot bring me down from having an awesome weekend!

Thank you everyone for the prayers and support! I’m still trusting God through this because His plans are a million times greater and better than mine!!

This girl can do this, This girl will do this.



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  1. runstrongrun says:

    That’s right! You CAN and you WILL!


    1. jillsmarathonjourney says:


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