What’s Been Going On

So it has been a little while since I’ve written anything because a lot has been going on. I thought I would give you all an update and a little more detail about what has been going on with my foot.

Let’s flashback to the middle of March, the week after my half marathon. I was feeling great and strong. I decided to do 15 happy miles (3/17) the Thursday after my awesome PR. I took it easy and felt really good. I started to feel a little twinge right on top of my foot during my run but didn’t think anything of it.

The day after, I ran 1 mile recovery and oh boy, it hurt. Still, didn’t think anything of it and rested on Saturday. On Sunday my usual speed work out was cut 2 miles short due to the horrible, horrible pain on top of my  left foot. I iced and iced hoping that it was just a fluke. On Monday, I was extremely concerned for a stress fracture on my metatarsals. I was limping at work and it hurt pretty bad.

Those who don’t know me well, I’m an extremely determined and stubborn person. It’s hard for me to ‘take it easy’ let alone stop running. So I tried to run again last Wednesday. This picture sums it up.IMG_8270

Horrible, absolutely horrible. I cried and cried, and cried some more. I was so frustrated that I could barely run when I was doing crazy mileage the week before. The feeling of not being able to run killed me. I didn’t want to see an ortho doc, but I gave in and made an appointment that day.

I got an xray and met with the orthopedist. No stress fracture was visualized on the xray. Thank the Lord. He was concerned though with how my feet were shaped.


I have extremely high arches and can have tight ankles. He asked if neurological disorders run in my family because people who have spina bifida, cerebral palsy, or muscular dystrophy have feet that look like mine. My feet are not very flexible which makes them more prone to injury. The doc jokingly asked me if I could pick up a sport that doesn’t require  heavy mileage because my feet aren’t meant for running. Even though he was just joking, it made me discouraged and made me even more determined to run and get better.

He recommended an MRI to get a better look and officially rule out a stress fracture. I had that done this past Thursday and I follow up with him next Wednesday to discuss it. That was the soonest appointment I could get! Grrr. But of course if something was wrong, they would call me. No phone call yet, so I’m happy so far.

Now it’s just the waiting game. My least favorite game haha. This does not mean I’m going to sit on my butt all day and mope. This means I will be training 110% harder to reach my goals! I absolutely refuse to give up.

I’ve picked up biking, continued with lifting, and picked up swimming! IMG_8409IMG_8418

I’ve been putting a lot of mileage in biking and I started up swimming last night! Swimming is super hard, but I’m determined to get better at it. I’m trying to keep my endurance and heart rate up as I work out. Even though I can’t run, I love learning new things and having new challenges.

Now, as far as the marathon goes and if I will be doing or not, still has no answer. Like I said, I’m very stubborn and can be hard headed. I will not be making a decision until next weekend. My foot finally has no pain when I walk on it. Yay! Don’t think I’m going to go crazy on trying to run now. I’m trying to be smart about this whole thing and I’m going to listen to my body. If I’m going to do this marathon, I would like to do one more long run to see If I can do it. I won’t push it and I will stop if I have pain, but that is my goal. If I continue to have pain, I will not be running the marathon. It will be two weeks off from running tomorrow. I’m getting antsy!

I’ve been talking, complaining, and crying to God a lot. I’m not sure what He wants me to do but I’m trying to trust Him and not resent Him for this. I’m human and these things happen. He has opened new doors in my training and I am thankful for that. I might never know what exactly He wants me to do about this, but I will continue to pray for guidance and lean on Him during this frustrating time.

Decisions, decisions, decisions. I’m living day by day, workout by workout and see what will be best for me. I’ve finally accepted that if I don’t run this marathon, it will be ok and life will move on. But I still really really want to do it ;).

I’m praying and hoping for the best. Our God is good and has things planned for us that we can’t even imagine. He has blessed me greatly in this journey and without Him, I wouldn’t have been able to do any of this.

Continue to pray and hope friends. I WILL get through this and accomplish my goals even if they might have to be put on hold. I will keep updating all of you on what I decide and what the doc says next week.

In the mean time, happy training friends, train safe and smart!

Hebrews 12:1



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  1. J Bird Runs says:

    Sending love & good thoughts. I’ve had a very similar issue & just finally got it diagnosed as a stress fracture. I hope yours isn’t! You will get through this! ❤


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