Week in Review!

It’s been a little while since I posted a week in review! The taper for the half marathon threw me off a little bit, but now I’m back at it!

After such a good race and not so intense work outs due to tapering, it was definitely hard to get back into the groove of things.

Sunday: 2 easy recovery miles and a hard leg day. Not smart the day after my half, but oh well. 

 im loving this exercise, can’t wait to do this tomorrow for leg day! 

Monday: after work upper body lift. Oh my goodness I hate going to the gym at this time. Way to many people, people hog the machines, and I’m just grumpy. Got the work out done though.  

 Flex check 😉 

Tuesday: attempted 8 speed work miles and leg day for ‘ultimate leg day’. Boy, it was a tough run for me, me legs did not want to move!  

 The pace wasn’t too bad but I just wasn’t feeling it! 

Wednesday: upper body lift and abs 

Took it easy that day. 

Thursday: 15 #longrunthursday miles  

 easy, relaxed pace. I was surprisingly happy the whole time! My momentum wrap came just in time for this run. Never thought there could be running jewelry! Loving it and how comfortable it is. Always could use a little motivation when I run! Go to http://www.designsthatmoveyou.com/ and check it out! 

Friday: post work 1 mile run easy and full body lift.  

   Tough mudder is coming up in May so I’m working more on upper body strength. Pull ups and tricep dips in the making! 
Between the half and yesterday I’ve ran 39 miles. That’s a lot of miles in less than a week for me. Next Thursday I plan on doing 22 miles 😁 I’m trying to plan out my week so I’m not overdoing it before that run. I have no expectations, I just want to get it done the month before the marathon.  I’m nervous, but if I’m able to do 2 20 miles runs already, I’m sure I can do 22 miles. I’m prepared! Hopefully! 

Saturday: Rest!! 

Taking it easy, stretching and icing. Getting school work done and going on a date with my husband tonight😊 He’s finally done going to Pittsburgh! Weekends off from work are the best! 

Looking forward to another week of training! I’ve been waiting for this long run Thursday since I’ve signed up for the marathon! Wish me luck! 

Happy training friends ☺️



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